Sunday, March 8, 2009

PN-40 Review - Field Operation

The DeLorme PN-40 operates pretty much like any other handheld GPS unit you've ever used. It has a system of pages, including one for satellite status, a map page, and various navigation and other pages. I've included images to show all the different pages, and I won't discuss each in depth because that information is more than availible elsewhere, and I'm not trying to write a manual. The device is easy to figure out if you've ever used a handheld GPS, and should be pretty easy even if you haven't. Basic navigation is easy, and all basic functions are well explained in the manual, and most are downright intuitive. In the field, the simplicity of design, like any handheld GPS, means that the operation is basically transparent, requiring little struggle. That transparency means I don't have much to say. ;) The addition of the second processor to handle screen redraws has made the PN-40 much more responsive than the PN-20, but hikers don't usually move fast enough for such things to matter, anyhow.

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