Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Josh's Rules for Waterfalls

Josh's Rules for Waterfalls

1) Use Common Sense.
2) Remember that rocks are hard, and water is strong. Waterfalls are made of water, and rock. They are made my water out of rock. You are soft, and carried easily by water. You squish on rock.
3) Never cross upstream of a waterfall. If you have no choice, cross as far upstream as possible, and never cross a stream that is deep or fast. Getting washed over the falls, or slipping over the edge due to wet rocks, could be fatal.
4) Never stand, play, photograph, or otherwise be around the top of a waterfall. At least once a year I hear about somebody dying from a waterfall-related fall, and many people are seriously hurt. This is most important around tall waterfalls, but I've landed in a stickerbush as punishment for breaking this rule at a small waterfall, so it should always be followed. ;)
5) Never swim in or around the plunge pool of a waterfall. Never jump or dive off of or around a waterfall. Rocks are hard. Don't think that because you are standing under the falls, you are safe. Ever notice how rocks are distributed by streamflow? Well, want one distributed onto your head?
6) Never consume alcohol around a waterfall. You tend to break the other rules.
7) Never trespass.
8) Follow Leave No Trace guidelines. Never litter, deface, vandalize, grafitti, or otherwise destroy the waterfall area for everyone else.
9) Never use the waterfall as a toilet. Especially upstream. Ick.
10) Never throw/push anything over the falls. Rocks are hard.
11) Don't camp around the waterfall. Never make a fire ring there.
12) Watch your footing. Waterfalls are slippery. Rocks are hard.
13) Watch your children. Rocks are hard, you are soft, your children very much so.
14) No bare feet. Glass is everywhere.
15) Take pictures.

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Donna said...

I have a nice pic of a waterfall in Cleveland Alabama. I want to send it to you but I have to figure out how.

JPS said...

Donna, you can email me the photo at