Saturday, March 7, 2009

The current plant situation...

As some people may know, I've become deeply interested in orchids ever since we stumbed on that small patch of Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens (Yellow Ladyslipper) in Sipsey Wilderness. It started with just the Cypripedium, but I'm branching my interests out, and that includes getting around to actually growing orchids.

My current Cypripedium list is in flux, but I just ordered several Cypripedium guttatum seedlings from Spangle Creek Labs. Those little plants, when they arrive this spring, will take part in an experiment that may very well result in their doom. I'm interested in seeing how northern climate Cypripedium species like guttatum, yatabeanum, passerineum, and arientinum fare in windowsill culture with refrigerator vernalization in winter. Since passerineum and arientinum are too expensive and aren't available as seedlings, and yatabeanum isn't terribly easy to get, these poor little guttatum ended up being subjects in my experiment. When they arrive, they'll be photographed, and potted for windowsill culture, and I'll photodocument their little lives from that point on, using this blog.

I've just taken delivery of a single Showy Orchis and a single Catesby's Trillium, which are de-vernalizing in the house right now. They are from a nursery in N. Carolina, so they are expecting a shorter winter than they would get here in New York. I'll also be chronicling their development, since I'll probably be self-pollinating the Showy Orchis for seed.

In the realm of tropical orchids, I currently have 2 Phals, a massive Phal. Malibu Real, and a smaller unknown hybrid. I also have a Paph delenatii and a Paph armenicum, as well as a Phrag. besseae that is currently in bloom. Photos to follow. I'm lusting for a Mexipedium right now.

So... That's where we stand on the plants. Plants were becoming a big interest of mine last time I was blogging, but now I have more to blog about with my interests growing.

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