Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alabama Waterfalls Temporary Checklist

Most people who know me know that I did a stupid amount of research tracking down waterfalls in Alabama. At some point, I put out a list, and now I've been asked to make that list into checklist.

I'm putting up a crude temporary checklist up on my website at:

The list contains all the waterfalls I am currently aware of (minus anything I forgot), but please keep in mind that I don't expect to see any checks on waterfalls that are on private property. I haven't checked which are and which are not carefully, so it is your responsibility to do so. The list was compiled from my own personal discoveries, from topographical maps, from word-of-mouth, from thoughtful submissions from my website (http://waterfalls.szulecki.com/), and from thoughtful submissions from users on the Alatrails.com forums.

Do with it as you will, so long as the use is non-commercial.

I'm still debating putting out a report on the waterfalls of Alabama, which would have all the information I have on each falls contained in it. If I were to do such a report, it would have GPS coordinates where available, and more information regarding what the individual waterfall looks like, how to hike to it, etc... Even if that doesn't happen, I hope to at least put out a neater checklist.

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Jason said...

I don't know why I didn't find this before. Thanks so much for this great resource. I've had so much trouble easily finding decent info on waterfalls in northern Alabama.