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Yellowstone National Park/Grand Tetons National Park - May 2012 Trip Report

Yellowstone National Park/Grand Tetons National Park - May 2012 Trip Report

I know that I said in my 2014 Alaska Trip Report that I would be going in reverse chronological order, which would place my 2013 trip to Yellowstone National Park next, but I realized that the 2013 trip only really makes sense in the context of the 2012 Yellowstone National Park/Grand Tetons National Park trip. This will be a somewhat brief report because it was a somewhat brief trip, just four full days and two travel days to work with. The trip was something of an accident, making up for a trip overseas that never happened. It was scheduled on very short notice.

Although I had taken off almost two weeks for the trip, issues in finding lodging and flight availability had seriously curtailed by ability to have a full trip. All the lodging in Yellowstone National Park was booked, even though I was visiting in the early season. I was forced to stay the full trip in Jackson, Wyoming, which meant I'd be commuting up to Yellowstone NP and Grant Tetons NP everyday.

Suffice it to say, the trip did not go as planned. I only got two days on the ground in YNP before the snow started. I made it back across the pass at the south entrance of YNP less than an hour before it was closed, trapping be in Jackson, Wyoming, and restricting my last two days on the ground to GTNP. This wasn't such a bad thing, as I was lucky enough to find the very ephemeral Calypso bulbosa orchid in bloom at an undisclosed location in GTNP. Although I enjoyed my few days in Wyoming, I was left itching for more, which explains why there had to be a second trip to Yellowstone. Since that trip was much more comprehensive, I'll make this entry short and just link to the relevant photos and videos for your enjoyment.



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