Thursday, February 26, 2015

Handi-Foil BBQ King Orchid Moisture Tray Solution

As a totally random aside, as should be obvious from my Alaska trip report, I am a total orchid fanatic. I chase them in the wild, photograph them in botanical gardens, and grow them at home. Unfortunately, I'm forced to grow my orchids under lights and in less than ideal humidity, as I live in an apartment. Currently, my collection has suffered dramatic losses due to a move and several two-week vacations without adequate watering, but my Mexipediums and several other hardy varieties have survived and I wanted to encourage some new growth that I'm seeing. I had been using tin foil trays with pots in standing water for some time before my move...this worked well, but it encouraged root rot if the medium wasn't changed every year...and that was with Orchiata bark, which is usually good for several years. I had been planning on buying legitimate moisture trays eventually, and may still do so, but I found a wonderful makeshift solution in the Handi-Foil BBQ King aluminum tray. It is a ribbed, perforated tray that fits nicely into several other Handi-Foil trays (or other aluminum foil pan brand trays, really). They come in a pack of 7. SKU / UPC: 052092205641.

Check the video for more details:

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