Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Dog Park

One of the things I like about Knoxville is that this city has a small dog park in a nearby suburban area. Birmingham has no such feature. The dog park, of course, is a wonderful place for the indoor dog, because it is the only place where he/she ever gets to really wander around off-leash, at least without being chased by an irritated human being.

Scipio, being the sort of small dog who actually knows he is a dog, and doesn't have a complex that makes him think he is human, really digs the dog park.

For some reason they put in a dog water fountain AND left a whole bunch of rusty bowls laying around for dirty water to collect in. Naturally, being a dog, Scipio went for the fithiest water he could find.

He was less keen on the water fountain, but found a use for it, nonetheless.

While you can't see it in this tiny little crop, this shot really sold me on the sharpness of my 100/2.8 USM Macro lens.

You know it is hot when the Chihuahua is panting.

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